News & notes

KDE SC 4.9.5 has been uploaded. See this email for more information.
qt-kde mirrors have been purged, since 4.8.4 packages are available in Debian sid.
Additional packages, such as dolphin,konqueror,kate,konsole and localization, where added, so make sure you run
aptitude -t experimental-snapshots dist-upgrade to get those.
Main KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.8.3 packages are now available from these mirrors. Check this announcement mail for further information.
As usual, do not file bugs in the official Debian BTS. Instead use the debian-kde mailing list or the #debian-kde IRC channel on
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Configuring repositories

Use one of the following ways, to add the repository:

Upgrade packages

Update your package list with:

# aptitude update

In order to get the repository key, install the pkg-kde-archive-keyring package:

# aptitude install pkg-kde-archive-keyring

(confirm the question about a missing key with "Yes"). Then update your package list again:

# aptitude update

and install the newer packages with:

aptitude -t experimental-snapshots dist-upgrade

Please note that once packages have been installed from this repository, their updates will be automatically received using standard apt-get dist-upgrade or aptitude full-upgrade as long as newer package versions do not override them from the official Debian archive.

About repository

The primary purpose of this repository is to provide package versions of the KDE applications which for some reason cannot be uploaded to unstable or experimental. Therefore, this repository is targetted at Debian unstable users who don't mind installing, testing and providing feedback for a bit more experimental stuff.